"A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles."
An absolutely vibrant Drakkanite man. He stands a good 6’4” or 196cm in height, not including his horns. His body is extremely well toned, trained over the years for battle as a melee combatant. The man sports dark-tan skin and has stylishly wild, red hair that seems to always be covering his right eye. He can often be found wearing the usual uniform of the Achyon military or comfortable red clothing. If he is ever spotted disrobed, multiple scars could be spotted littering his body; a sign of his battle experience. He seems to exude a radiant positivity, though at times something dark can be spotted behind those scarlet eyes of his.

His left arm has long been taken from him, replaced by the Flesh-crafter Nidaz with a visually pleasing mixture of Flesh craft and megi-tech. Falk’s original bone structure was kept intact (For all you bone magi out there) and enhanced with Magitech. Muscle, tendons and skin fill in the rest to create an arm of flesh that would not be recognizable as a replacement limb if not for the mithril platings that provide it with a beautiful and unique aesthetic.

Falk's right hand is made of shiny, unyielding metal from the wrist down; designed with care and attention to how Falk moves and fights. Some visible mana circuitry glows along the fingers, growing bolder at the fingertips. From what can be observed, the unique design provides the dragon with a sense of touch through this replacement hand. The medic responsible has left their mana lingering, guiding his hand.

He is a bit slow in the head, please be patient with him.